Daniel Love

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Available for freelance iPhone, iPad, Watch & TV app development contracts.
Or full app builds (concept, wireframes, design and development).

Award winning iOS developer, currently taking on clients & projects with a flair for simplicity, interfaces, user experience and the small details.
Commercial client experience with both Objective-C and Swift.
Solid experience in developing mobile applications with a strong portfolio of award winning & high profile applications.
Working experience of start-ups, fast paced advertising agencies & large corporations.
A strong sense of design, with a focus on usability and user experience.

Passionate about working on products related to health, fitness, new banking (consumer focused), learning, or other products that allow people using the App to better themselves, or improve their day-to-day life.

Previously at Burberry, Zolmo, BBC, and AKQA.


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VEON - May 16
  Freelance iOS Developer (Objective-C & Swift)

Under NDA - Mar 16
  Freelance iOS Developer (Swift)

Burberry - Nov 15
  Freelance tvOS Developer (Swift) - Burberry Apple TV

Elbi Digital - May 15
  Freelance iOS Developer (Objective-C & Swift) - Elbi - good on the go

Vubiquity - Aug 14
  Freelance iOS Developer (Swift) - user experience, prototype, design and development

FilmFlex Movies - Apr 12
  Freelance iOS Developer (Objective-C) - internal video on demand framework

Zolmo - Jul 10
  iOS Developer (Objective-C) - Jamie's Recipes   [ 1 ,  2 ,  3 ]

BBC - Apr 09
  Software Engineer - BBC iPlayer Wii Channel for Nintendo Wii   [ 1 ,  2 ]

AKQA - Feb 08
  Creative Developer

John Brown - May 07
  Creative Developer

Fingal Creative Communications - Nov 06

Recommendations - complete list available on LinkedIn

"He's got a great eye for design, which has been extremely useful in the projects we've worked on, he strives to develop innovative apps that are unique, and not your usual 'out of the box' iOS SDK kind of apps, and he's a UX evangelist. He also respects the development process. All which are qualities that I admire in a developer."
      - David Casserly, Freelance iOS Developer at FilmFlex Movies

"He provided invaluable design, technical & UX insight, working with various stakeholders across the business. I was astonished by his level of commitment, working late nights, weekends and even through a family holiday to ensure we met a very tight, fixed deadline. A very pragmatic individual, he’s exactly the sort of person you need to get a product released and I would have no hesitation recommending him"
      - Jamie Curran, Elbi

"Dan is one of those rare breed of software engineers who not only possess great technical skills, but also a keen eye for design. Dan's skills extend beyond his obviously brilliant technical skills, to include a deep understanding of UX, design, strategy and marketing, which enabled him to successfully prioritise his own tasks in a fast-paced startup. A good team member who was great fun to have around, we miss him loads."
      - Tristan Celder, Zolmo

"Dan was a real pleasure to work with. Practical, pragmatic, with a deep, deep understanding of what it takes to build a brilliant iOS app; knows his stuff inside out, and a great guy to boot. If you're looking for an awesome iOS developer and you get the chance to work with Dan, do it - you won't be disappointed."
      - Darren Waddell, CTO

"Dan is a great guy who is full of banter and a beard that wouldn’t look out of place on Brian Blessed.
He bridges the gap between design and dev perfectly with an eye for the aesthetic that's not often found in tech.
His willingness to achieve amazing UI that doesn’t come pre-packed is a massive bonus for any creative team. User-centric in his approach and will always offer well founded opinion on how best to execute the grand idea within the realms of deadlines and tech feasibility."
      - Paul Dellow, Digital Designer at Elbi

"Working with Dan is a pleasure; methodical in his approach, creative during the planning stages, diligent development & punctual when its time to deliver.
And he looks like a really angry Spartan."
      - Ben Kelly, Vubiquity

"Working with Dan, he stood out as someone who has an excellent grasp of the technology. Given that the project was to develop on a new/untested platform Dan's ability to adapt to that environment and suggest and implement robust solutions was very impressive."
      - Charlie Abbott, BBC

"I really enjoyed working with Daniel. He is a very knowledgable developer who is good at teaching other people. He fits in very well with the team and the ways an organisation works. He picks up requirements very quickly and takes on responsibility well within a project. He is very good at grasping the wider picture of a project and I would definitely like to work with Daniel again at some point in the future."
      - Gemma Evans, BBC

"Daniel is an very hard-working and highly skilled developer, who can adapt to various scenarios from intense graphical projects to business logic and rich internet application development. He is also versatile, and can switch between different technologies and approaches seamlessly."
      - Andy Hood, AKQA

"His poor taste in fashion in no way reflects the fact he is fun and a pleasure to work with"
      - Alex Gemmell, John Brown

"Working with Daniel is always a great experience. He works tirelessly, and has an underlying passion for what he does that is hard to find. His expertise, flexibility and openness in different web technologies allow him to get things done quickly and elegantly. I would strongly recommend and endorse Daniel."
      - Seyoum Abay, Freelance Project Manager at Fingal

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