Burberry Apple TV


Designed to be a minimal experience. Consciously trying to look & feel native, for the users still adapting to the new tvOS, feeling native was extremely important. While still maintaining the Burberry brand.

Built in Swift, with test driven development. Adapting to tvOS, which is more limited than iOS. The new interaction model, 'Focus', combined with custom interactive percent-driven transitions, ensured navigating via the new remote felt intuitive.

Featured in various App Store promotional banners.
Also seen Vogue, Mashable, The Drum, Observer, and Grazia.



Sole developer at a heavily funded ambitious live chat start-up based in London.
Utilising test driven development, I created a framework to handle the complex API and incoming immoderate socket connections.
A simple UI app then used the framework (via an internal private CocoaPod), which allowed us to iterate quickly, prototyping using the real APIs and testing various hypotheses.
The UI used Storyboards, autolayout, and heavily customised UICollectionViews.

Unable to speak about the project until mid-2017.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes


Recipes on the iPhone & iPad is a slick and simple recipe app that reinvents the cookery book. Featuring brilliant content surrounded by a beautiful design. Sweating the subtle small details, we matched the designers’ vision with pixel perfect precision.

Over 10 million users. Multiple awards. Featured in Apple keynotes.

Elbi - good on the go

Nakedhearts Foundation

Little actions, big difference.

Some people dedicate their entire life to philanthropy, if you don't have time, maybe you could donate just 5 minutes?

Brighten a kids day by drawing them a giraffe, as they await an operation in hospital.
Write an encouraging message to those installing solar panels in Uganda
Micro donations of £1/$1 directly to charities.

Launched on stage by Natalia Vodinova, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Save the Children, at the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in NY.



At APEX Expo 2013, IFP unveiled Airside, an "innovative new app that allows passengers to start watching a movie while they are in the lounge or at the gate, then continue watching the movie in-flight and even finish watching it at the hotel". With iBeacon technology to unlock new content in the airport lounge.

I designed the app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. The development team and myself, then built the apps for each platform, integrating with various airlines systems to access PNR code details, utilising iBeacons and extensive localisation to work world wide.

Film Store

FilmFlex Movies

FilmFlex creates video on demand storefronts for clients with bespoke requirements. When I joined, I was tasked with stripping their existing bloated prototypes back to basics, building a core feature set, and building a foundation for their new mobile focus.

We planned, wireframed, and specified the user journey. Then I design the foundation app, which was used as the internal FilmFlex app for client sales, presentations, and as a base for all future FilmFlex apps. We developed and iterated on features based on customer & sales team feedback.

EE Film

Everything Everywhere

EE (formally Orange & T-Mobile) wanted to showcase how fast their 4G network actually was, so they launched a film store to compliment their existing 2 for 1 cinema offer. To celebrate the launch EE covered the mobile data costs of watching the HD movies on the go.

We built a bespoke storefront app featuring a secure Irdeto ActiveCloak DRM video player, basket/wishlist, voucher redemption and favourite cinemas. Integrated with various third party APIs for cinema times and trailers.
Customers could resume watching partially watched films across multiple devices.

White-label Film Framework


Vubiquity is a "multiplatform video services, and linear content delivery" heavy weight, looking to move into mobile, we built a modular solution that could be easily integrated into third party apps, or quickly branded for new clients.

The solution consisted of a set of interchangable modules (allowing for clients to plug in or replace existing modules), a customisable app, utilising the Microsoft PlayReady DRM video player and built using test driven development.
An internal content management system allowed for quickly customised client-branded apps for presentations.

White-label Film Framework Demo App


Vubiquity required a demo app that could be shown to various clients around the world showcasing the potential feature set and usage of their White-label Film Framework.

The demo app was built as an internal project for the sales team. Designed by myself, and built by the development team and I. We moved quickly and adapted to the needs of the sales team. Adding experiemental features such as Apple Watch, widgets, iBeacons and controlling a set top box. Utilising push notifications and routing to enable users to resume their activities from the website.

VEON Messenger

VEON Digital

Developed a Swift prototype of the existing VEON messaging app.
Redesigned to be more minimal and increase user experience.
Architected to improve code maintainability for the larger team of permanent employees (between 10-30 developers) that would be taking over, to replace their existing, 7 year old Objective-C codebase.

Mid-project the companies priorities changed and the app was canned, never to see the light of day.